Head of Trauma & Experiential Somatic Depth Psychoanalyst

Several years ago I was in a very remote area of India conducting my thesis fieldwork research.  I allowed myself to be embedded in a specific community to explore the trauma healing properties of meditation and to gain understanding of the guru culture.  To my horror I found myself a hostage in a foreign country complete with armed guards and daily brainwashing sessions.   Eventually, I escaped, made my way back to the U.S., only to discover months later the trauma of this experience caused post-traumatic stress.  Healing from this experience spearheaded my calling to work in the field of trauma and with veterans. 

I have had the privilege and honor to work with the Save-A-Warrior Foundation as their Head of Trauma & Experiential Somatic Depth Psychoanalyst.  My work with veterans who suffer with post-traumatic stress has gifted me a wealth of knowledge in all areas of trauma healing.  More importantly this work has allowed me to follow my calling to help veterans as a body soul healer.

SAW Staff & Shepherds

Save A Warriorchanges warriors lives through our a "war detox" program that supports healing from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).  We specialize in serving Active Duty Military, Veterans, and First Responders experiencing psychological trauma.  Our approach relies heavily on proven methods, scholarly research, and the results of our efforts serve as further evidence as to the effectiveness of our program. 

“Sometimes trauma just needs a voice.”

We approach the issue of suicide through the whole person, as there are several issues at play in post-traumatic stress.  SAW has innovated a method of healing that combines and synthesizes practices from across the spectrum of psychological studies focusing on human well being, and the results have been beyond compelling. Save A Warrior is not only a solution that saves lives, but it is also a vehicle for Warriors seeking a life of full self-expression.

 SAW Saves Warriors Lives

SAW Saves Warriors Lives

Mandala therapy is just one of many alternative healing activities we use at Save-A-Warrior to help veterans move through trauma and the emotional blocks they face.    

 Comparing Mandala's

Comparing Mandala's

Mandalas provide a psychic snapshot of our current unconscious state.  Comparison of mandalas at the start and end of each cohort is no less than astounding.  The difference is like night and day.  Warriors experience profound psychic transformations in just 5 days.