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We Don't Chase Happiness! We Become Happiness!

We Don't Chase Happiness! We Become Happiness!

The purpose of psychotherapy is to understand what you want and need to make your life more productive and fulfilling.  A psychotherapeutic partnership cultivates the ability to see into yourself with more clarity and through these insights more effective choices can be made.  The goal is to develop and maintain a healthy and positive relationship with yourself.

A central theme of psychotherapy is to relieve emotional and psychic pain and eliminate negative thinking.  Removing pain is at the core of all psychotherapeutic work.  Through this process the true self emerges naturally.

Another element of psychotherapy is to learn how to create and maintain healthy relationships. To know what makes you happy with yourself and with others allows for a better quality of life. Most of us are way too self critical and demand perfection from ourselves and others. The goal is to develop a more empathetic, compassionate, kind, respectful, safe and accepting relationship with yourself and ultimately with others.

The best reason to come to therapy is to get to know yourself better.

The difference between transformation and change is that change can come and go but transformation is permanent.  Change is the result of behavior, but transformation is about personal identity.  We can change the way we do things and then return to doing them the same way.  If we transform negative character traits into positive character traits our relationship with self and the world changes.  We become more authentic and real. 

Transformation can happen in many ways including unexpected crisis such as a death, birth, marriage, divorce or even a break-up.  The easier softer way is to take the initiative to transform gradually so we develop resilience and can deal with crisis moments in a less painful and healthier way. 

“Circumstances do not make a man, they reveal him”
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Therapy Options

Michael offers hourly office appointments, Therapy Intensives and Mobile Therapy


Therapy Intensives

Are a uniquely modern therapeutic service that Michael offers.  Therapy intensives can be customized regarding structure i.e. actual days and times.  Typically a therapy intensive is structured by 3 to 4-hours of therapy over a consecutive period of days or weeks. 

Therapy Intensives are a great therapeutic tool for crisis management, expedient pain reduction, trauma resolution, chronic depression, extreme anxiety and phobia, addiction issues, rite of passage initiations and for body soul healing.  Progress is realized in matter of days, versus weeks or even month, in most traditional clinical therapy.

Therapy Intensives can be conducted at a location requested by the client, or at various locations in Malibu, Westlake Village and Beverly Hills.  Luxury hotels with private meeting areas are preferred for privacy and confidentiality.

Mobile Therapy

This is a convenient therapy option for busy professionals, executives or clients with tight schedules.  Michael will travel to the clients location to conduct therapy sessions. Each session will be for a predetermined time period.

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