Life & Health Coaching & Tele-Coaching

    •    Find Purpose and Meaning in Life
    •    Improve Relationship with Self
    •    Discover your Career Path
    •    Realize Financial Security

Michael utilizes experiential and practical personal development tools to guide clients past perceived obstacles and limiting beliefs patterns that block them from personal, professional and spiritual growth.  It doesn’t matter how successful you are from a personal or professional perspective, there are always higher levels of professional development, self-growth and expansion to strive toward. 

The only thing that stands between you and your goals are the perceived obstacles you fear andmay not even be aware of right now.  Our unconscious self accounts for about 85% of our behavior.  If we don't know who we are deep down inside we can never know why we do, act, think or feel the way we do!

Life & Health Coaching is for anyone who desires to access greater focus, harness their own internal power and connect with their higher self.  We all have so much untapped potential just waiting to be realized.  The removal of our negative self-talk and our minds “white noise” chatter allows us to tap into our internal power, to actively listen, and then act on our true desires and impulses. 

Empowerment is creating one’s life versus reacting to it!  Much of our suffering stems from a disconnect from our truth.  We rarely stop to consider how we choose to show up in our lives.

Michael offers Life & Health Coaching & Tele-Coaching.  

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