Health & Fitness Praise

Celebrity Clients

Some of Hollywood’s Biggest Names Have Worked With Michael George. Here’s What They Have to Say!

"Michael George’s strength training techniques and constant motivation prepared me for the most physical role of my career to date. I chose to work with Michael because I knew I would be able to achieve the level of strength and endurance that I needed for this demanding role. I consider Michael to be the consummate professional, and most important, a friend. And he’s funny."     Meg Ryan, Actor

"I wasn’t taking care of my body as well as I could. Michael provided a key aspect to my lifestyle transformation, which was accountability and discipline. I have no doubt Michael can inspire people all over the world. . .through his words, guidance and compassion."  Christian Slater, Actor

"There are hundreds of trainers in Los Angeles but only one Michael George. I chose Michael because he knows how to achieve results fast and makes working out a pleasure."  Sela Ward, Actor

"Michael George’s knowledge, experience, and motivational skills are second to none. He’s kept me fit and camera-ready for more than a decade, often in spite of myself. Whether you’re training with Michael one-on-one, working with his book, or listening to him speak you are quite simply dealing with the best personal trainer there is bar none!"   Miguel Ferrer, Actor

Private Clients                               

You would be stunned if you knew how much of your coaching I retained! What you taught me is life altering because you are so good at what you do.  I think it was a brilliant route for us to have trained like we did - a full court press. I am so grateful that you gave me that time out of your busy schedule.

I can definitely see that physical transformation can be the gateway to empowerment in all areas. I cannot even believe what has happened to me on the tennis court! I am so strong and confident and can do things I could never do before. No one knows why I am suddenly playing so much better, but I do!  I love feeling strong. I actually look forward to my workouts at the gym, which I even do before tennis on the days I play tennis.

We all know the famous Ghandi quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world," but, Michael, you are one of the few people I have met who really lives that and walks your talk. I am deeply inspired .Thank you for everything.   Love Joy 2016

Training with Michael is a true experience every session. Michael has this uncanny intuitive sense in which he knows exactly how a client is feeling prior to each session, and he adjusts the workout based upon what he feels you need on any given day. His workouts are always grueling and progressive, however, he also knows how to weave into the training session light psychotherapy.  It’s like a therapy session within a workout. I always come away feeling more positive and connected to self and purpose in life.                      Melissa 2015

Michael thank you so much for putting me on the right path. When I started working with Michael I was sedentary, smoking, overweight and feeling listless, lethargic and just sort of getting through life.  In just 9 short months with Michael I quite smoking, dropped 25 lbs of excess fat, replaced it with lean muscle mass and had more energy then I knew what to do with. Today, I run 5 miles, 3 x per week, train in the gym at least 3 x per week, eat right……but most importantly I feel great! My productivity on a daily basis is 300 times what it was with less energy expenditure. You set the course I’m forever grateful!!! 1-year no smoking.    Jon Van Doge 2014-2015

Before training with Michael I was never really sure if what I was doing in the gym was right or whether or not my diet was adequate.  WithMichael’s fitness and nutrition assessment and program, along with his guidance, I can now go to the gym with the confidence of knowing that the program I am working is the right program for me.  I have learned so much and have lost 22lbs in 8 weeks.   I feel better then ever.  His fitness expertise and routines are phenomenal.     Susan Jenkins, Ohio 2014

I never thought I could hire a fitness trainer and expect results like what Michael achieved.  With Michael’s constant motivation and fitness program I have seen amazing results. I can now fit into a size 3 which I haven’t worn for over 6-years.  I have more energy than I know what to do with and the nutrition plan is easy to follow andto stick to.   Tricia Morgan, Oregon 2013

I’ve always had a hard time putting on muscle mass.  Michael's muscle building program kicked my butt and added 15-pounds of lean muscle in less than 6-weeks.  He completely changed my diet and work out regime.  Michael is definitely the man when it comes to fitness!  Jay Samuel’s,  Pittsburgh 2013

Health Professionals

"Michael George’s fitness regime is flexible, effective and fun. My client’s, who are some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, think he is the greatest and so do I."   Carrie Lat Wiatt, Nutritionist

"Health is a progressive series of healing and one of the best ways to permanent health and healing is via fitness. Michael George’s insights can help you get healed and stay healed."    Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Michael George has been a great resource for me over the past five years. Whenever I’ve needed a workout, an exercise tip, or a quote, Michael has always had one ready for me—usually with two or three options in case the first one doesn’t work out. He not only knows how to get people in shape, he knows how to explain the art and science of his craft."   Lou Schuler, Fitness Director of Men’s Health Magazine

"Michael George is a motivated and motivating trainer who is using the best of the fitness world today to help his clients get in great shape and more importantly, feel great about their bodies. His enthusiasm and his knowledge of the latest trends in fitness makes him a valuable, reliable resource."    Denise Brody, Fitness & Lifestyle Director of Self Magazine
                                                                                                                                                  "Michael George is in tune with the hottest trends in fitness. He can always be relied upon to provide fitness advice that is trendy yet still practical. As an expert trainer, he knows how to combine the best of Eastern and Western exercises. Readers love the mind/body connection-and his workouts are the perfect blend of sweat and substance."  Gabrielle Studenmund, Freelance Magazine Writer, Former Editor of Self Magazine
                                                                                                                                                "Michael George is not just your ordinary trainer. Working out with Michael will challenge your body and your mind in a way you never experienced before." Kathy Kaeler, Fitness Expert

"Michael George is a very unique individual and fitness professional. It’s not often that you meet someone in your field that makes you sit up and take notice. Michael stands out in his field because of his unique approach to fitness and spirituality. He has combined Eastern philosophies and techniques with traditional Western knowledge of Health & Fitness. His combined approach is extremely effective to a sound mind, body, and soul."  Nancy Kennedy and Bobby Strom of Kennedy & Strom Fitness, Fitness Experts

"In my work with cancer survivors who engage in exercise, I have learned perhaps the most profound lesson as an instructor- that conditioning is not just for running faster or lifting more. It can take us into ourselves; challenge us to regain our health, to endure pain, to achieve our goals. Michael’s philosophy on exercise and healing has more application to the average person than any fitness gimmick or expensive running shoe. It is what we all really look for in fitness, to know ourselves better and to constantly improve ourselves. Congratulations to you, Michael for advancing fitness to the next logical level."  Erik P. Durak, MSc, Director of Cancer Wellness, President-Medical Health & Fitness

"Michael has the ability to get you to take action, while at the same time he allows you to find peace, love, and harmony that we all inherently possess. His book "Body Express Makeover" will truly change the way you think about exercise. This is required reading for the body, mind and soul." Dr. Tony O’Donnell, President of O’Donnell’s Health Advantage, Inc.

"Michael George’s approach to fitness and transforming lives is phenomenally effective. He really understands how to guide, motivate and educate through a mind/body approach, which takes into account the whole person, providing for life-long lifestyle changes. I refer my patients to Michael because I am completely confident that he will help them attain and surpass their health and fitness goals, while improving their quality of life. Michael’s book "Body Express Makeover" will forever change the way the world approaches fitness and health."  Dr. Tony Perrone, Ph.D., author of "The Body Fat Breakthrough", Celebrity Nutritionist

"More and more medical science is making it clear that our Society’s greatest risk to physical wellness is our inactivity. We now know that improvements in fitness reduce the risk of almost every chronic disease of the twenty-first century. However, despite this evidence, and despite our best intentions and New Year’s resolutions to the contrary, our society is more obese and less fit than ever before. Michael's integrated mind-body approach to fitness and spiritual health is EXACTLY what’s needed. His program acknowledges the power of small improvements in daily discipline to not only create a healthy body, but a more fit mind and a happier life as well. Michael works with the complete mind-body-spirit connection, thus the whole body, to help clients overcome fears and obstacles on their way to a better life. I truly feel Michael’s book "Body Express Makeover" will open the door to what modern fitness is all about."     Dr. Marcus Elliott, Fitness Trainer at the Olympic Training Center since 1989, Research Consultant to the NFL