“You don’t need to change the world; you just need to change yourself.”
Miguel Ruiz

Concierge Solutions

Michael offers several unique psychotherapy and addiction recovery services.

Therapy Intensives 

Therapy Intensives are a uniquely modern therapeutic service that Michael offers.  Therapy intensives can be customized regarding structure i.e. actual days and times.  Typically a therapy intensive is structured by 3 to 4-hours of therapy over a consecutive period of days or weeks. 

Therapy Intensives are a great therapeutic tool for crisis management, expedient pain reduction, trauma resolution, chronic depression, extreme anxiety and phobia, addiction issues, rite of passage initiations and for body soul healing.  Progress is realized in matter of days, versus weeks or even month, in most traditional clinical therapy.

Therapy Intensives can be conducted at a location requested by the client, or at various locations in Malibu, Westlake Village and Beverly Hills.  Luxury hotels with private meeting areas are preferred for privacy and confidentiality.

Mobile Therapy

Mobile Therapy is a convenient therapeutic option for busy professionals, executives and clients with busy or tight schedules.  Michael will travel to your location to conduct sessions.  A private and quiet location is recommended.  Each session will be scheduled for a predetermined time period.

Sober Companion

If you are struggling with addiction issues finding the right support is paramount for sobriety and can be the difference between life or death.  With over 10 years of recovery Michael fully understands the emotional overwhelm and how difficult it can be to maneuver through lifeduring recovery. 

Only an addict can truly relate to another addict!   As a sober companion Michael not only has years of recovery experience, but as a psychotherapist he understands the causes and conditions for why we drink or use.  Michael will create a therapeutic structure that not only supports your sobriety, but provides you with a toolbox that will allow you to live your life on life's terms.  There are no big deals in life, we make them big.  There is another way!

Sober Companion services are an instrumental component of an on-going addiction and recovery process.  Michael is available for sober companion work within the U.S. and globally.

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