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Serious about Changing your Body?  Serious about Changing your Life?  Look no further!

“Body-transformation is an alchemical art-form.  Each client is unique from a physiological and psychological perspective.  Transforming a body is similar to a sculptor transforming formless granite into art.  Experience and knowledge are key components of body-transformation, but the art itself rests in intuitive insight and in-depth understanding of each client’s unique personality profile.”  Michael George Hofrath

Assessments & Consultations

Results are all that matter!  Success requires a proper benchmark assessment.  You have to know where you are starting from to get to your destination.

Comprehensive Health & Fitness Assessment & Consultation

Michael's assessment process is a gold standard 10-point Comprehensive Assessment that includes a detailed personal fitness questionnaire, medical screening, exercise history profile, orthopedic and skeletal injury history, stress and sleep, nutrition history, weight and diet history, recent lifestyle changes, a posture analysis and a body fat analysis Additionally, body pain, anxiety and tension in the body, body-movement, gait patterns.

The assessment process includes a comprehensive physical movement and performance assessment and a final report with a detailed summary conclusion.  Findings will be reviewed during a private consultation along with a discussion of all fitness related goals.

The Psychological Quality of Life Assessment

This is a comprehensive psychological assessment evaluation ofhow you feel about your life, body, self, stress levels and attitude toward change.  This assessment includes a series of psychological self-survey questionnaires, which Michael analyzes once completed to determine a clients quality of life status in all areas of their life.  A comments section is included for more in-depth information.

“Consistent exercise is not just about looking better!  It is about feeling good in the body you are wearing through connection with how your body feels!  If you are consistent in your efforts to feel good in your body, the bi-product is that you will most definitely look amazing!” Michael George Hofrath

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Functional Fitness Training

Michael offers several options for Functional Fitness Training.


          1. Comprehensive Whole Body Health Programs

 2. Per Session Fitness Training

 3. Short-Term Fitness Training

Kickstart Program (3 sessions)

Get Back on Track (5 sessions)

 4. Semi-Private and Group Exercise Class Programs

  • Whole Body Health and Per session fitness training require an 8-session per month minimum. All 8-sessions must be completed within 4-weeks of purchase date or forfeited. There is no carry over of individual training sessions from month-to-month unless there is an emergency medical issue, extenuating circumstances, client will be out of town for an extended period of time or discussed with Michael in advance.

  • Travel and/or gym fees are not included.

  • Participants can form their own Semi-Private and Group Class Program Groups

  • Food delivery service and hormonal testing available upon request.

                                                               Specialty Services

  • Certified Cancer Wellness Coach

  • Certified in Athletic Spinal Injuries

  • Certified in Corrective Spinal Rehabilitation

  • Certified in Lower Back Strengthening & Rehabilitation

  • Post Surgery Strengthening & Rehabilitation

  • Bodily Pain Reduction and Management

  • Stress Reduction and Management

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Direct: 310-486-4829


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