My Approach

There is this misconception that therapy must be a long drawn out process that can take months or years to be effective. While this may be true of traditional 50-minute clinical talk therapy sessions due to the time constraint I offer several different approaches, which are more realistic with today's modern busy lifestyle. 

During any crisis when we are in intense pain, whether it be from loss of a loved one, heartbreak, feeling lost, confused, anxious, depressed, or just plain miserable the last thing we want is to wait months to feel better. 

Michael offers uniquely modern approaches in therapy such as EMDR, NeuroAffective Touch,Therapeutic IntensivesMobile Therapy and Life & Health Coaching.

Additionally, a somatic Jungian-based depth process is more experiential in nature with emphasis placed on immediate crisis resolution, which then allows for a moving through to integration of root the causes and the development of resilience more expediently. EMDR

"We are as happy as we choose to be" Abraham Lincoln

"We are as happy as we choose to be" Abraham Lincoln

Many people struggle with addictions.  As a recovered alcoholic with 10-years of sobriety I truly understand addiction and the difficulties faced during recovery.  I work with addiction related issues through Recovery Counseling and as a Sober Companion. 

Exercise psychology and movement are components of somatic science.  Exercise activity can be used as a therapeutic modality to support integration of unresolved issues. 

Connection with the “language of the body” is the gateway that bridges the gap between our EGO (conscious self) and PSYCHE (unconscious self).

This embodied connection allows both body and mind to work together as equal partners for a common purpose be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual transformation.

How I can Help

I help clients get out of their own way long enough to move through their issues and become the person they always wanted to be!

 I help clients embody certain simple beliefs that they are enough, they are worthy of love and they deserve to be happy!

Shame fuels fear and fear fuels anger!  I help clients understand how to resolve shame-based issues, which often are not even in the conscious realm yet. 

I help clients reduce fear-based thinking to reduce anger towards self and others.

Sometimes we get stuck in life.! We lose our way and don't know how to get back!  I help clients get unstuck! 

Sometimes we feel like life is spiraling out of balance!  We are scared, confused and lose our sense of purpose and meaning in life.  I help clients regain balance and purpose in their life!

We all have our defensive armoring, but some of us are so weighed down we constantly push the people we love away without even knowing it.  I help clients resolve their defensive, protective mechanisms so they can trust again.

Over reactive behavior, taking things personally, blaming others, making false assumptions affect all our relationships, and are often due to unresolved issues, limiting belief patterns, old-no-longer true stories and unrealistic expectations.  I help clients overcome bad behavior through deeper understanding of the root causes and conditions to heal the origin of wounding.

Our dreams can come true if we are just willing and open to explore a different path.  The only price for admission is the courage to pursue truth and authenticity. 


  • PTSD and related Trauma Wounding

  • Depression

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Affect Regulation

  • Attachment Issues

  • Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

  • Family of Origin Trauma

  • Rite of Passage Initiation

  • Mandala Art Therapy

  • Neurobiology of Stress Response

  • Unconscious Complex, Wound Healing

  • Survivor Guilt

  • Shame & Fear Related Issues

  • Anger Management Issues

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Life Purpose and Meaning

  • Removal of Limiting Belief Patterns

  • Body Awareness Consciousness


Michael utilizes aspects of humanistic, positive and transpersonal and psychodynamic psychology theories.  Primary focus is placed on client mental health history and how the body reacts when in session: breathing body movement patterns, language, metaphor, vocal intonation and eye movement.  

  • EMDR Therapist

  • NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner

  • Jungian-based Analysis

  • Depth Psychology Practices

  • Somatic Body-based Psychology

  • Indigenous Body Soul Healing Practices

  • Hakomi Method

  • Focusing

  • Breath Work Exercises

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

  • Mandala Therapy

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)