Michael George Hofrath MA. Ph.D. Candidate

Michael George Hofrath Ph.D.(c) is an Integrative Somatic  Depth Psychotherapist who specializes in the integration of body, mind and soul healing.  His work focuses on the integration and processing of deep-seeded trauma such as combat and/ or first-responder stress, family of origin and comorbid trauma, limiting and untrue belief patterns, which can manifest into psychopathology such as PTS symtomatology , adverse behavioral patterns, sexual trauma, relationships issues, depression and anxiety disorders, personality disorders and addictive or compulsive behaviors.

As a former hostage in a foreign country Michael has first-hand experiential knowledge with PTS trauma.  Michael's path to healing from PTS led him down a 'Hero's Journey' of discovery and the dark night of the soul, which turned out to be his calling as a spiritual body soul healer.  As such his approach is informed by indigenous healing approaches and practices and includes aspects of myth, ritual and ceremony.  

As a depth psychotherapist Michael's training and philosophy encompasses a Jungian-based approach aimed at the processing, reprocessing and integration of embodied somatic trauma through somatic science, neuro-psychology, neuro-biology, psycho-education and psycho-spiritual counseling. Michael's approach addresses the root cause, or origin, of deep-seeded shame, guilt and fear, which facilitates more secure attachment styles, authentic connection with one's true self, soul self and others, healthier self-regulation skills through expansion of the window of tolerance for the development of greater resilience and coping skills.

Michael's work as the Head of Trauma Intervention & Experiential Depth Psychotherapist for the Save-A-Warrior Foundation has afforded him with a wealth of knowledge and experiential wisdom surrounding the resolution of combat-related PTS.  He helps military veterans process deep-seeded trauma, negative experiences, limiting belief patterns and other related issues to help warriors process horrific experiences.  This work allows veterans to feel whole again and allows them to finally come home to friends and family.

Michael received his B.A in Business Administration emphasis Marketing Management from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, received his MA. in Depth Psychology, emphasis Somatic Studies and is a currently a Ph.D. Candidate completing his dissertation from Pacifica Graduate Institute Carpinteria, CA.  Michael practices out of his office in Malibu and in various locations in Westlake Village and Beverly Hills.  He offers mobile therapy, travels to clients and provides on-line tel-coaching via video conference call.